Sam DuRegger, MBA, MA

Writer, builder & tinkerer.


I am the director of product experience at Sonic Drive-In.

I write semi-regularly on life, technology, and entrepreneurship on Medium.

I enjoy spending time with my wife -- Candace; three daughters -- Hadassah, Amabel, & Beatrice; and our unruly weimaraner -- Ouray. I try to fill my (ever-shrinking) free time SUP boarding, road and mountain biking, fly fishing, backpacking, running, and balancing (aka yoga)... basically, anything that helps me work off the muffin top that sprouts around my midsection during the work week!

Current Tinkerings: Woodshed Tea | Lake Surf Co. | La Barba Coffee


I am a builder of products, apps, brands, and things.

Ford Owner Survey
Interactive survey app for Ford Motor Co.
a big gun
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my future truck
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Collection of videos for free download and use.
wordpress development & design
US Open Course Curator
More -- WLS Case Study
US Open Interactive Touch Screen
More -- WLS Case Study
wordpress development, design & e-commerce site.
Version 1.0 & 2.0 for
YouVersion Mobile
1.0 iPhone, iPad, Android, & Blackberry versions for
Concept to launch -- version 1.0
wordpress development & design
A Solid Foundation
photo from
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Video Memorial
Remembering Rick Moody
Music Video
Charlie Koopman Band -- Prayer Song
Time Outside
Directed by Wesley Rumph | Written by Sam DuRegger
Resurrection + Life
Directed by Josh Rosenthal | Written by Sam DuRegger
wordpress development & design
Download ePub
Alpha Dominche Press Kit ePub Development & Design
Download PDF
Alpha Dominche Press Kit PDF Development & Design
Awake Conference
Logo and Branding
Charming Beard Coffee
Logo, Branding & Package Design
Free Five Campaign
Logo and Branding
Lake Surf Co.
Website Design & Development, Logo & Branding
Logo and Branding
Strawtown Relationship Center
Logo and Branding
The Move Project
Logo and Branding
How'd that get there?
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Out of Proportion
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A place to rest your head
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photo from
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Terry Storch

"Sam is a great storyteller! His experience and passion set him up to deliver a first class product."

Terry Storch, Digerati leader @LifeChurchTV, co-founder of @YouVersion

Carly Bonora

"Sam brings creativity, passion and drive to everything he takes on, and his positivity, collaboration and commitment makes him an invaluable leader and team player."

-- Carly Bonora, Public Relations Account Manager, Duo PR

Guy Harding

"Sam is one of the best collaborators, product managers, and project managers I've worked with. He can wear multiple hats while remaining focused on moving the business forward."

-- Guy Harding, Founder of Verisage

Geoff Wood

"Sam has a tremendous understanding of transmedia storytelling and its value in conveying a message. I'm excited to see him apply his vision to building software."

-- Geoff Wood, Founder of Welch Avenue & Curator at Startup Genome

Trista Yard

"Sam's aptitude for creating new ideas and learning quickly makes him an asset in the collaboration process. I have known him since 2012 when we worked together at an interactive boutique and I consider him to be a versatile, positive, hardworking and trustworthy team member."

-- Trista Yard, Designer at HUGE

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